Lean Healthcare
Why RI? We have 3 big reasons that separate us from other Healthcare consultants.

1) Free Online Healthcare White Belt Training Videos...these 4 videos are available in English and are being translated into other languages for Healthcare professionals around the globe. Over 70,000 views to date!

2) HOSPITAL acronym...created here at Robbins International and used throughout the world...helps folks recall the 8 inefficiencies that exist in all Healthcare organizations.

3) Mercy Me Hospital Simulation...this one-of-a-kind addition to our Healthcare Lean Day provides class attendees a hands-on learning environment. Created for adult learners, participants are each given roles in an ailing Emergency Department. The team is tasked, through 3 rounds, to identify and eliminate the inefficiencies while turning a profit. The combination lecture/simulation training leaves attendees energized and ready to implement Lean!

Here's more information and photos of our Healthcare training ...

The Healthcare landscape is changing at an astonishing rate. Now more than ever, Healthcare facilities are faced with the imperative to reduce costs while delivering increasingly better patient care and patient satisfaction.

Lean Six Sigma is a highly effective improvement approach that has been tried and tested across many industries. However, applying Lean and Six Sigma to Healthcare requires an understanding of how its tools and methodologies translate to the people-intensive processes of patient care. Robbins International has developed Lean Six Sigma training designed specifically for Healthcare organizations.

These methods can be applied throughout facilities to achieve improvements in infection control, medical records and pharmaceutical errors, bed turnover, emergency room bottlenecks, supplies and equipment availability, patient satisfaction and much more. Lean Six Sigma uses a data-driven approach to fix root causes of problems with strict controls that ensure corrective actions are sustained.

Healthcare professionals have many priorities, all centered on the goal of providing the best patient care. Recognizing the uniqueness of the Healthcare delivery system, our Lean Six Sigma training and Kaizen Events address the complexities and guide you to solutions.
Earn your Healthcare Yellow Belt in three days by attending the Lean Healthcare Day, Process Control Day, and Six Sigma Day. Contact us for the current class schedule or to arrange on-site training at your facility.

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