Corporate Discounts

Working with the business community, we offer discounts on our certification programs. Contact Us for your Corporate Partner Discount Code.

1) Employees with prepaid White Belt Certifications are not required to submit any fees, they simply provide Company Name and Code in Comments section when completing their Certification Test.

2) Employees with corporate discounts use the button below to process their payment and also provide their Company Name and Code. They should complete the Certification Test separately.

3) Corporate partners can elect to have employees pay directly or be invoiced periodically for this service.

4) Optional company logos, representative (name, title and signature) can be added to certificates and copies can be electronically supplied to a company representative. Contact us for an example.

Robbins International is proud to help make our programs more affordable to our Corporate and Educational Partners. Please contact us for further information or additional questions.

Fee - $15.00
Company Name