White Belt Healthcare Certification Test

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1. Lean Sigma considers
  Human effort
All of the above
  a large building
An acronym for 8 inefficiencies
a tool used to make people better
None of the above
3. Lean is about
  Speed and Efficiency
Reducing variation
4. Six Sigma is
  A Program
A Methodology
A Measurement
All of the above
5. Operational Excellence includes
  Six Sigma
Process Control
All of the above
6. Six Sigma belt progression
  White, Green, Yellow, Black
Green, Yellow, Black
White, Yellow, Green, Black
White, Yellow, Blue, Black
7. Attributes are
  data you can count
data you can measure
8. DMAIC is a tool of
  Process Control
Six Sigma
9. Variables are
  data you can count
data you can measure
10. Components of variation include
  7 Quality Tools
5M & 1E
Six Sigma
Control Charts
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